Introduction to Energy Accounts

There are many different spreadsheets, which sets energy accounts for a given geographic area and ensure that accounts balance. The spreadsheets are often very similar, but does contain some minor differences.

DEA has a spreadsheet, which is freely available on their website, which is used to compute the historical Danish Energy Accounts

PlanEnergi have a balance sheet that is used in connection with their advice for municipalities.

EA Energy Analyses has similar spreadsheet that they use in their consulting activities

Strategirummet has af spreadsheet for energy accounts that corresponds directly with the visualization on the E2G platform.

But energy accounts from other types of spreadsheets can also be visualized on the platform. It requires only that there be created a small program that translates data from the spreadsheet to E2G format.

You can see a presentation of how energy accounts typically built up here. You can get consultancy accounting for energy from Strategirummet Aps by clicking here

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