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How to get visualized your energy accounting

Information about energyaccounting

Introduction to visualization

Energy accounting is the key to Smart Energy

In order to integrate a large proportion of renewable energy into the energy system, energy conservation is needed in the consumption chain, and energy consumers must be part of the balancing of the energy system. The silos between the different supply forms (Power, Heat, Water, etc.) must be broken down and synergies must be identified and realized. Only by doing this, we create the Smart Energy System.


The biggest barrier for Smart Energy is a lack of knowledge among the utilities about the energy losses in the consumption chain and the knowledge of the overall energy system. The key to understanding each other's forms of supply and to identify the synergies lies in the energy accounting, and in an educational dissemination of the accountings in the form of energy flows.


It is crucial for the understanding of the relationships in the energy system that we understand how the energy balance is structured. This understanding is important because the energy balance is a precondition for

  • Reliable projections of the development of the energy system
  • Effective assessment of the proposed innovation projects
  • Establishment of the general financial accounts for an energy system
  • Setting the environmental report

On E2G platform you are introduced to energy accounts for a geographical area. You can also see a visualization of the total energy balance of different energy systems

Clich here to see the accounting method


In this part of the platform you can follow the energy flows in different geographic areas from where energy is extracted, to where energy is finally converted to energy services in the form of light, heat, work, transport, etc.

You have access to the visualization of historical energy accounts for Denmark, South Denmark and a number of municipalities. Furthermore, you can see how energy flows appear in the DEA scenarios for 2035 and 2050

Click here to see energy flows

IEA visualization of energy flows

IEA collects annual energy accounts for most countries in the world. You can see a visualization of the energy accounts for roughly the same structure as the visualization, located on E2G platform.

At IEA visualization you can see how the energy flows has evolved over the last 40 years in most countries in the world

See IEA visualization here

Energy Transition Model

While you wait for that energy flow simulator at E2G platform to be developed, we recommend that you check in at the platform Energy Transition Model where you can see how different decisions affect energy flows and the economy.

See Energy Transition Model here

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