Why - and How e2g

Below is a link to two videos that tell why the e2g format should be used, and how the e2g format is structured.

Watch the video: "Why energy accounts in e2g format", if you want to know why the e2g format should become a common standard for how the energy accounts are built. In the video, there is a comparison between the e2g format and other accounting formats, and it is argued how the e2g format can make the energy accounts a focal point in the green transition. The e2g format also contains knowledge regarding the structure of the energy system. 

Watch the video: "Get to know the e2g structure", if you want to know how the e2g structure is built - and thus how the energy system is built.

Overlap occurs between the two videos, but important things should be repeated.


Why e2g.jpg

Why the e2g-format

Learn the e2g-format.jpg

Learn the e2g-format